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          Viator Foundation

        • Tuition Assistance 
        • Technology - Saint Viator prides itself on being a leader in technology, preparing students to succeed.
        • Faculty Development - Our faculty pursue lifelong learning, striving to be the best that they can be for our students. 
        • Athletics 
        • Fine Arts - Saint Viator encourages students to explore music, theater, and visual arts.
            • Fund Your Passion

          Honor Roll of Donors

          Lifetime Founders

          Annual Giving Societies

          • Fr. Louis Querbes Society:
            $25,000 and above
          • President's Society:
          • Principal's Society:
          • Lion's Society:
          • Blue and White Society:
          • Friends of Saint Viator:
            Up to $499

          Young Alumni Societies

          We are pleased to invite our young alumni within 10 years of graduation into Saint Viator's Young Alumni Chapter.
          • Network with successful alumni
          • Gain professional mentors
          • Pass the Lion Legacy on to current and future students
          Levels of Support
          • Young Alum President's Society:
          • Young Alum Principal's Society:
          • Young Alum Lion Society:
          • Young Alum Blue and White Society:
          • Young Alum Friends of Saint Viator:

          Contact Us

          To learn more about making your gift, contact: 

          Thomas Ramsden
          Vice President of Development
          (847) 392-4050, ext. 286

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